Name: Caitlin or Katie! :)

Years as a Makeup Artist? I'm coming up on 6 years!

Favorite Makeup Trend? its a tie between colorful eyes and glowy skin! I love working with color, but can't get enough of that glow either!

Schooling or Self-Taught? Self-Taught mostly, but also received MAC Cosmetics training

Favorite Drink? WATER... I can never drink enough I swear! Lemonade is a close second ;)

What is your favorite makeup brand? Anastasia Beverly Hills has had my heart since 2012! 

Favorite Candle scent? Coconut Leaves from Bath and Body Works is my go-to. It has never done me wrong!

I have been a huge lover of volunteering since I was in Elementary school! I have a passion for helping children with special needs, and have worked with them since the 2nd grade! I don't think that love will ever go away.

Once I graduated I became a volunteer at Mary Bridge Children's hospital in Tacoma for 4 years. One of my favorite memories was being able to do face-painting for the kids on Halloween! (Pictured right, and below)

About Your Artist


A photo form the MOViN 92.5 booth at the Katy Perry concert!

About Me: I started with a passion for makeup when I was in high school! I was in musicals where we had to do our own theater makeup, so I started watching YouTube videos to learn techniques and that's where the obsession began! I watched beauty tutorials like it was my TV every day after school. Once I graduated I applied and ended up getting a seasonal position at Sephora! After doing that for 2 years, I moved on to MAC Cosmetics to grow as an artist. I was with them for 3 years and am so grateful for everything I learned from the trainers and colleagues, one of which has done Kim K's makeup before! It was a defining step in my makeup career and I will never take it for granted. I am now able to match skin-tones of all types in seconds, and work on any eye-shape. I've probably done over 1,000 peoples makeup. That's a lot of blending!

I was recently able to partner with MOViN 92.5, a local radio station to Seattle, and do makeup for all of the fans at concerts such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, which was SO extremely fun.

In my spare time I love hanging out with my dog Tiki.. he's my world! We frequent the local farmers market during the summers. Camping is my absolute favorite summer activity next to 4-wheeling! I go every year down to the sand dunes with my family and it's a blast! I am semi-fluent in sign-language, and have done makeup for deaf clients plenty of times! It's such a beautiful language to know. I also loveeee to sing.. but am too shy to sing in public. MAYBE for a karaoke night ;)

One of my favorite parts of my career and a huge passion of mine, is being able to work with people from every aspect of life, and give back in any way I can. I have had the privilege of teaching a trans-woman an entirely new makeup routine, to help her feel confident and beautiful going back to work for the first time since transitioning. This interaction inspired a new project! I hopefully will be volunteering with the Tacoma Rainbow Center to teach free classes for trans women, offering my tips and tricks and showing them that makeup can be easy!